Biological bases of information and energy therapeutic impacts

Biological bases of information and energy therapeutic impacts

AUTHORS : Blinkov I.L.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Laboratory of Clinical Pharmacology, Research Center of the Moscow Medical Academy named after I.M. Sechenov
YEAR : 2000 | Category : Educational

The leading branch of therapy for a wide variety of diseases is clinical pharmacology. Whatever the mechanism of pharmacological action of drugs, the initial stage of their interaction at the level of receptors with a living organism is carried out at the information-energetic level – contactless (using van der Waals, Coulomb Coulomb, dipole-dipole and other magnetic moments). Pharmacotherapy is a special case of xenobiotics coming from the external environment, which are recognized in accordance with their physicochemical structure (orientation in space, including stereoisomers and resonance forms; active functional groups and ligands; molecular weight; solubility in water and lipids, etc.) are then processed by the xenobiotic biotransformation system formed in the process of biological development of the species, followed by frequency assimilation and / or excretion, which, as a result, is the main adaptive response of living matter in order to preserve genetically programmed homeostasis under changing environmental conditions.

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