Treatment of female infertility by even inversion of “antispermin”

Treatment of female infertility by even inversion of “antispermin”

AUTHORS : Madgaziev R.M. | Madgaziev O.R. | Madgaziev G.R.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : medical center “Jahongir”, Fergana, Uzbekistan
YEAR : 1999 | Category : Method of treatment

The high efficiency of inverse drugs in bioresonance therapy, when properly prepared and used, is beyond doubt, as evidenced by the reports of previous conferences (Yu.V. Gotovsky, L.B.Kosareva, M.Yu. Lyakhovich and others). Along with the well-known inverse drugs used in everyday work by doctors working on devices of the firm “IMEDIS”, such as: “anti-tobacco”, “anti-alcohol”, inversions from photographs, an inverse drug prepared from human sperm for the purpose of contraception is successfully used. In practice, an odd number of inversions is usually used – 1, 3, 5, etc., and even ones are considered a spent, intermediate material.

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