Ultraviolet blood irradiation as a type of multiresonance therapy

Ultraviolet blood irradiation as a type of multiresonance therapy

AUTHORS : Trifonov A.V. 

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Medical Center of the Foundation “Help Yourself”, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 1999 | Category : —

Multiresonant therapy is one of the most interesting the latest methods of treatment in medicine. All biological objects on Earth develop under the influence of certain environmental factors, the most important of which is light (namely the ultraviolet part of the spectrum), without it life on Earth is impossible. Vital connections between the body and the external environment, as well as inside the body: between tissues, cells, membranes, organelles, the nucleus are carried out by photons (quanta of light). Each organ, cell, nucleus has its own spectral-wave characteristic, which is determined by a quantum of ultra-weak electromagnetic oscillations, the latter control all biochemical reactions, regulating metabolic processes in the body.

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