Experience with the device “IMEDIS-FALL”

Experience with the device “IMEDIS-FALL”

AUTHORS : Gotovsky Yu.V. | Kalachikov A.V. | Moskaleva O.V.

YEAR : 1999 | Category : Experience

Stefan Barrett’s article “Electrodiagnostic Devices” states: “Some physicians and chiropractors use electrodiagnostic machines to help them select the homeopathic medicines they want to prescribe. The Australian College of Allergy concluded that the Vega-Test is a diagnostic technique without a scientific basis. And in 1986, the FDA’s Center for Apparatus and Radiological Health determined that the Dermatron and Akkupat 1000 were devices that carried a scientific risk. ” But the results of therapy, which were obtained over the years of work on the device “IMEDIS-FALL”, allow us to speak about its uniqueness.

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