Influence of ESRV-01 probe on EEG rhythms

Influence of ESRV-01 probe on EEG rhythms

AUTHORS : Karapetyan V.R. | Yamchinova I.V. | Sosedov O.N.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Ivanteevskaya central city b-tsa, MNKTs “Bio-Impulse”, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 1998  | Category : Educational

In 1990, on the basis of an autonomous electrostimulator of the gastrointestinal tract, a rectal electrostimulator in the form of a probe was created for the treatment of diseases of the rectalgenitourinary zone. The point of application is the mucous membrane of the large intestine, where the normalization of electrical waves with the restoration of the work of the neuromuscular apparatus occurs. In 1996, we monitored the overall effect of the gastrointestinal tract AES and ESRV-01 CO on the state of the nervous, endocrine, and cardiovascular systems in resuscitation patients with various pathologies.

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