Using photographic images as a basis for energy-informational BR-preparations

Using photographic images as a basis for energy-informational BR-preparations

AUTHORS : Yakovets I. V. 

YEAR : 2002 | Category : Educational

Studying energy information carryover medicinal funds medicines, prof. Gotovsky Yu.V. notes that along with sources or The carriers of primary information as homeopathic remedies, nosodes, organic preparations can also be sources of secondary information such as distilled water, physiological solution, substances with phase transition states in the form of wax, low-melting metals and photographic films.

The latter can be used to rewrite the properties of homeopathic medicines using electromagnetic fields. This is confirmed by a number of published foreign patents of Folk V., Ludwig V., Terrera K., Prince D. and others. Based on the above data, the goal was set to investigate the possibility of using photographic images as a carrier of information about the state of a living organism for diagnosis and treatment. In this regard, the following tasks were formulated:

1. Explore photographs (photographs) as a carrier information received at different age periods of a patient’s life as the basis of an energy-informational BR-preparation.

2. Investigate the possibility of using the energy-informational BRdrug to identify the root cause of organ damage.

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