The cardiovascular system possible way to correct short-term memory

The cardiovascular system possible way to correct short-term memory

AUTHORS : Agulova L.P. | Rostov A.P. | Ozhigova T.V. | Tyuteva E.Yu. | Kuznetsova I.M.

YEAR : 2001 | Category : Educational

Attempts to link human mental and physiological functions have been carried out for a long time. A very promising physiological system for identifying such connections is the cardiovascular system. The work of the cardiovascular system is carried out in a pulsating mode. Oscillations in blood pressure generated by the heart create a kind of seismic background that can be recorded in various organs and tissues [1 nine].

Oscillations contain diverse information about the hemodynamic and neurohumoral situation both in the cardiovascular system as a whole and in a specific place of registration. This is due to the fact that a huge number of baroand chemoreceptors are involved in the functioning of the cardiovascular system, continuously monitoring the tension and deformation of the vascular wall, acidbase balance, partial tension of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitric oxide, and the content of various metabolites.

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