A new direction in the use of nosodotherapy

A new direction in the use of nosodotherapy

AUTHORS : Yankova L.B.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Ryazan region, Sasovo, Russia
YEAR : 1997 | Category : Educational

For 3.5 years, I have been widely using bioresonance therapy in medical practice . The devices were created by the “IMEDIS” company under the guidance of the scientist Yu.V. Gotovsky. Morrel’s idea inspired Yu.V. Gotovsky to create a unique device . There are no such devices in the world. I, a doctor with 26 years of clinical experience, having grasped the essence of homeopathy, the philosophy of Eastern medicine, the method of electropuncture diagnostics and testing according to R. Voll over the past 5 years, armed with IMEDIS equipment, I feel much more confident .

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