Once again about cancer and not only …

Once again about cancer and not only …

AUTHORS : Dykun1 N. | Novak2 Yu.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : 1Medical center “Pyramida”, Dubno, 2GU SMSCh No. 10 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine
YEAR : 2014


Patient N., 57 years old, was first examined in our center on 23.01.2010. Some deviations from the heart, kidneys, joints were tested, there was a violation of
water-salt metabolism, the patient’s bed was oriented with her head to the West. Appropriate treatment was prescribed and the indicators returned to normal. We
will not dwell on the details of this treatment, since the purpose of this article is to conduct a chronology of factors that, in our opinion, were the primary causes of
subsequent acute myeloid leukemia.



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