Influence of bioresonance technologies on antitumor immunity in experiment

Influence of bioresonance technologies on antitumor immunity in experiment

AUTHORS : Kudaev A.E. | Khodareva N.K. | Barsukova L.P.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Medical Center for Innovative Technologies “Artemis” GBU RO “Treatment and Rehabilitation Center No. 1”, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
YEAR : 2020 | Category : Research


Previously, we published data from 3 stages of experimental work to optimize the antitumor effect of bioresonance therapy [1]. Induced Guerin’s carcinoma, a poorly differentiated epithelial malignant tumor of rats, characterized by active vascularization, metastatic activity and resistance to chemotherapeutic agents, and the absence of spontaneous resorption, was used as a model of tumor growth.

The application of various “formulations” of bioresonance and frequency influences was tested. A pronounced effect was obtained: tumor growth inhibition, tumor resorption, complete resorption, which was accompanied by a positive dynamics of the morphological picture [1, 2, 3]. In order to study the possible antitumor immunity from a male whose tumor completely resolved (2nd stage of the study) under the influence of the applied influences (initial volume Vop = 3.1 cm3, then Vop.max = 8.3 cm3, the end of the experiment Vop = 0 cm3), and offspring were obtained from an intact female.

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