Immunostimulation with nosodes by the method of multiple resonance (bioresonance “vaccination”)

Immunostimulation with nosodes by the method of multiple resonance (bioresonance “vaccination”)

AUTHORS : Parkhomenko A.P.

YEAR : 2021 | Category : Method of Treatment

Using the author’s method of multiple resonance (MMR), it became possible to transform the amplitude-frequency spectra of nosodes in order to effectively immunostimulate against a specific microorganism for a specific patient. It is possible to use the selector nosodes in the lowest potency. In cases of unidentified infections or ARVI, the viruses of which often mutate, forming new strains, you can use the biomaterial obtained from the patient (nasal, bronchial secretions, washings from the skin and mucous membranes in the places of the alleged localization of the pathogen, rinsing water, etc.) … Work is done with rubber gloves.

A sheet of foil of sufficient size is folded in 2-3 layers and rolled up in the form of a cup. A current from the diagnostic apparatus is passed through the foil. Biological secretions of the patient are placed in a “cup” made of foil. To take nasal secretions, washings from the skin, you can use sterile cotton wool moistened with ordinary bottled drinking water.

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