Embrace the immensity

Embrace the immensity

AUTHORS : Dykun N.V. | Novak Yu.N. 

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : medical center “Pyramid”, Dubno, Ukraine
YEAR : 2021 | Category : —

Twenty-three years have passed since our joint report with Yuri Valentinovich Gotovsky. This report was published in the collection of conference materials entitled “Detailing the dominant influences on organs and meridians according to the hexagon system” [1]. The idea that it is worth remembering about it came after the authors realized that many of our colleagues began to engage in bioresonance therapy much later and hardly got acquainted with the materials of previous conferences.

In 2000, at a regular conference, in our report, we again tried to draw attention to this topic, showing interesting, in our opinion, slides (Fig. 1), but at that moment the camera in the House of Scientists was turned off, and the chairman and leading specialists of the Center “ IMEDIS ”were absent from the audience. We would like to bring to the attention of our colleagues some of the slides that we demonstrated at this conference.

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