Using some test drugs to improve performancetherapy

Using some test drugs to improve performancetherapy

AUTHORS : Orlov Yu.N.

YEAR : 2021 | Category : Method of Treatment

In 1966, a scientific discovery made by V.P. Kaznacheev was registered in the State Register of Discoveries of the USSR. and co-authors [1], the essence of which, in short, is the confirmation of the transfer of information between cells in the optical range. Subsequently, this information was confirmed several times, and V.P. Kaznacheev wrote in 1993 (quoted from [2]): “… physical, in particular optical, signals are of key importance in intercellular integration ”.

Subsequent studies of this issue have been rechecked many times.and were confirmed (in a short article, apparently, there is no need to list all the research on this issue): the transfer of information from cell to cell is carried out by photons, for which there are no obstacles in the organismic environment.

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