Excess color in the human body

Excess color in the human body

AUTHORS : Bocharov D.G. 

YEAR : 2021 | Category : Educational

Color light therapy is a method of exposure to BAPs, organ projections, affected areas, neoplasms with artificial visible light of various spectral composition for the purpose of treating and preventing diseases. N. Finzen, Dinschach, V. Penzel, P. Mandel, B. Kehler, F. Morel, and others made a huge contribution to the development of this method of therapy.

In particular, the founder of MORA-therapy (endogenous bioresonance therapy) F. Morel believed that electromagnetic oscillations, including those in the wavelengths of visible light, are carriers of biologically significant information for the human body that can be used for therapeutic purposes. F. Morel believed that environmental pollution, the use of artificial dyes, the introduction of color television leads to a violation of the conditions for the necessary provision of a person with color.

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