Lymphoma therapy using methods of bioresonance therapy and vegetative resonance test

Lymphoma therapy using methods of bioresonance therapy and vegetative resonance test

AUTHORS : Vasilkovskaya O.V. | Mkhitaryan K.N.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Clinic “Vitamed-plus”, Gabrovo, Bulgaria; Center “IMEDIS”, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 2020 | Category : Method of Treatment

Introduction Our approach to the treatment of this group of diseases in both children and adults is based on the same basic methodological assumptions as the approach to Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroiditis [1]:

1. Lymphomas, in particular, are based on epigenetic and genetic prerequisites, which is confirmed hereditary predisposition to these diseases in the presence of specific genes in the HLA locus of the body.

2. At the same time, these genetic or epigenetic prerequisites are obviously not enough for the development diseases from this group, since in clinical practice we see their manifestation at different ages, with varying degrees of intensity and, most importantly, as a rule, after a viral infection (including the “common cold”, that is, seasonal ARVI).

3. Such a history of lymphomas suggests that the triggering factor for their manifestation is it is viral infections, as for the genetic and / or epigenetic predisposition to them, it boils down to an inadequate immune response to this infection, which instead of eliminating it leads to chronicity and persistence, as well as to various pathological changes in the tissues damaged by it – from autoimmune lesions before oncogenesis.

4. Thus, a viral infection can be not only a triggering factor in the development of lymphomas, but also after their chronization a key factor in maintaining them.

5. If this hypothesis is correct, then the elimination of chronic viral burden in the lymphatic system (LS) and the subsequent regeneration of its damaged structures should together lead to its complete recovery and clinical cure of its neoplasmic degeneration.

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