Some methods of preparation and use of blood autonosodes

Some methods of preparation and use of blood autonosodes

AUTHORS : Bobrov I.A. | Bizyaev P.D. | Mkhitaryan K.N.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : MC “Leib-medic”, Center “IMEDIS”, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 2020 | Category : Educational

The use of homeopathic remedies based on the patient’s own blood, that is, the blood autonosode, has a long tradition in information medicine. Starting from various schools of homeopathy [1] and ending with works within the framework of ART and BRT methods [2, 3]. Despite the fact that the term “nosode” implies the production of information preparations from pathological substrates, and in the case of autonosodes – from pathological substrates of the patient’s body, this approach cannot be fully attributed to the autonosode of blood.

Blood is not exclusively a pathological substrate. Of course, in the case of a disease, the blood contains pathological elements in the form of products of pathological metabolism, up to viruses, bacteria and fungi, as well as toxic compounds characteristic of a particular pathological process. Moreover, virtually all blood cells in addition to erythrocytes, they reflect, to one degree or another, all the fundamental features of both metabolic and systemic physiological processes in the body, both in health and disease.

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