Miasmatic correction of chronic diseases by the method of target resonance

Miasmatic correction of chronic diseases by the method of target resonance

AUTHORS : Zaitsev O. Yu.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Clinic of family medicine “Your Doctor”, Yekaterinburg, Russia
YEAR : 2020 | Category : Method of Treatment

Accepted abbreviations and symbols: 1. CR-method of target resonance [6]. 2. Di + H – bioresonance preparation, taken from the patient, with recorded inverted disharmonic + harmonic vibrations. 3. IAN – informational autonosode. 4. MK – miasmatic correction. 5. AMP is an antimiasmatic drug. 6. SCN – system target rate. 7. ChMH – chakras-meridianschromosomes. 8. BRIS-MK is a bioresonance individual means of miasmatic correction. 9. EIP – energy-informational preparation. 1. Miasm-method of pathological adaptive response of the body to exo- and endogenous influences.

To diagnose and correct this problem, it is necessary to take into account the versatility of the miasmatic action. Over a long period of ontogenesis, humanity has received basic miasms and continues to receive new ones, therefore, we have to deal with their cumulative influence. The main goal of information medicine (including BRT) is to eliminate the leading dysfunction of the body, which pathogenetically affects all links of dynamic homeostasis. But BRT is also an effect, and adaptation to it should be physiological, not pathological, therefore, the correction of miasmatic influences is ALWAYS included in the general BRT strategy.

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