Non-classical homeopathy

Non-classical homeopathy

AUTHORS : Mathison A.N. 

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Firma “Matisons” SIA, Riga, Latvia
YEAR : 2020 | Category : Educational

The classic homeopathic method of treating a patient uses the method of similitude. For similar treatment, a medicine prepared by the method of potentiation (dilution and shaking) and tested on healthy people is used. The study of the symptoms that a drug will cause in healthy people is called proving, and the systematization of the symptoms of that drug is called the pathogenesis of the drug.

The patient is cured when a drug is prescribed, the pathogenesis of which completely coincides with the symptoms of the patient’s illness. Also, classical homeopathy uses the observation method, when the symptoms detected in people working at harmful (or specific) enterprises can be cured with the help of drugs prepared by potentiating the same harmful agents.

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