From the universe to the lysosome

From the universe to the lysosome

AUTHORS : Dykun N.V. | Novak Yu.N.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Medical center “PYRAMIDA”, Dubno, Ukraine
YEAR : 2020 | Category : Educational

In the materials of previous conferences, we have repeatedly emphasized the importance of the hexagonal (hexagonal) structure of water molecules, gap junctions of cells of living organisms. Moreover, they foresaw the uniform laws of structure from the smallest elements of a living cell to the laws of the formation and existence of the Universe – the law of the uniqueness of the big in the small, and vice versa.

The authors of the article made an attempt to build the laws known today into a single logical chain, while inserting into this chain three laws that are not taken into account in the interaction of the Universe and the cells of the human body. The reason for writing this article was the critical statements of a number of authors regarding diagnostic and therapeutic methods, which, in their opinion, are not included in the category of evidence-based medicine. In many ways, they are right. Often our colleagues are also to blame, Man is a living crystal.

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