New treatments for infections withbioresonance therapy equipment

New treatments for infections withbioresonance therapy equipment

AUTHORS : Parkhomenko A.P. 

YEAR : 2020 | Category : Method of Treatment

Despite the large number of existing treatment methods, the problem of treating infections remains quite relevant. An important aspect is the search for ways to overcome the resistance of microorganisms to therapeutic influences. We present to your attention the results of my many years of work on the search and improvement of methods for treating various infections using bioresonance technologies.

1. Method of inversion and (multiple) transformation (MIP)

This is the most time-consuming method, and therefore, in 2020, four ready-made bioresonance drugs designed for the treatment of infections were introduced into the drug selector:

1. “Antimicrobial” (model 07/13/16).

2. “Antimicrobial with intestinal flora” (model 07/13/16).

3. “Antimicrobial TOTAL-8 “(model 13.07.16).

4. “Antimicrobial with viruses” (model 12/19/16).These BR preparations are made as follows.

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