Some features of color therapy

Some features of color therapy

AUTHORS : Orlov Yu.N.

YEAR : 2020 | Category : Educational

There is a lot of literature on color light therapy (CTL), but, apparently, the most complete source of information on this topic is the book by Yu.V. Gotovsky and co-authors “Color light therapy” [1], quotes from which will be given in this article. Color light therapy is an effect, excluding the organ of vision,artificial light of various composition on the zones and points of the human body in order to obtain a therapeutic effect at the local, organ, systemic or organismal level [1, p. eleven].

The use of color light therapy in the treatment of patients has many advantages over other therapies. First, the number of colors included in the “rainbow” of treatment is significantly less than the countless number of other drugs. Secondly, knowledge about the characteristics of each color is much easier to remember than the principles of prescribing thousands of other drugs. Third, the possibility of causing an exacerbation in CST is very small.

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