On the theory of bioresonance as an interlayer amplitude jump

On the theory of bioresonance as an interlayer amplitude jump

AUTHORS : Moiseev V.I.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, St.Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 2019 | Category : Educational

The central concept of bioresonance medicine (BRM) is the concept of bioresonance (BR), which turns out to be derived from the even more general concept of resonance. In physics, “presonance “(fr. resonance, from lat. Resono “I respond”) -frequency-selective response of an oscillatory system to a periodic external influence, which manifests itself in a sharp increase in the amplitude of stationary oscillations when the frequency of the external influence coincides with certain values typical for this system” [1].

In the case of bioresonance, a broader concept of the selective enhanced response of a biosystem to some frequencies of external influence is understood. Also, the most characteristic expression of resonance is the peak increase in the amplitude of the system oscillations, i.e. such a sharp increase that it can be mathematically modeled by the tendency to infinity. In this sense, resonance can be interpreted as a kind of a qualitative leap, a transition to a new mode of system functioning.

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