From Potentiation to Fundamentals of Health

From Potentiation to Fundamentals of Health

AUTHORS : Makarevich A.V. 

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : “Center for Resonant Medicine” INFOMED “, Minsk, Belarus
YEAR : 2019 | Category : Educational

At the first acquaintance with the vegetative resonance test (ART) [2], I had no idea what homeopathy was, and what does Cuprum metallicum D400 have to do with it. I had to go through more than one training in the ART method and primary specialization in homeopathy in order to understand all the intricacies of these methods. It is the knowledge of homeopathy that gives a true understanding of the ART method and allows you to reveal its full potential.

Hahnemann’s homeopathic treatment, created over two hundred years ago [1] It is successfully practiced all over the world to this day, bringing the joy of healing to millions of suffering patients, despite numerous attacks from illwishers. Time has proven the effectiveness and safety of its use in both adults and children, and even in veterinary practice. It is a pity that classical homeopathy has not become a priority in modern medicine for two hundred years. I believe that one of the main reasons for this is the lack of a fruitful development of the ideas of the great Hahnemann by classical homeopaths, who mainly exploit his works in various aspects.

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