The path of development of bioresonance and multiresonance therapy

The path of development of bioresonance and multiresonance therapy

AUTHORS : Postnikova O.A. 

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Course of Complementary Medicine, Department of Therapy and Geriatrics and Antiaging Medicine, APO FNKTs FMBA, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 2019 | Category : Educational

Remembering the first conferences on bioresonance and multiresonance therapy, I see the entire development path of this method. I have been a participant in conferences from the very beginning, from the very first of them. A feature of this period was the great enthusiasm of the researchers and the joy of discovering this new effective method.

Many people who developed the method are no longer with us, primarily Yuri Valentinovich Gotovsky, Alexander Vladimirovich Samokhin, Lilia Borisovna Makhonkina, Vladimir Kuzmich Kalachev. This causes sadness and regret, but we remember them and will always be grateful to them for the contribution they made to science and medicine for the benefit of mankind.

Fortunately, there are their successors, the method lives, develops and improves at a new modern level; thanks to them, their creative work, this great work lives on, which has changed the consciousness of many.

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