About the side effects of bioresonance therapy

About the side effects of bioresonance therapy

AUTHORS : Makina S.K.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Medical center “Vega-Plus”, Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan
YEAR : 2019 | Category : Educational

“Treat the sick, not the disease?” Side effects in the classical sense are not basic, additional (both desirable and undesirable) consequences. In medicine, a side effect is considered an undesirable phenomenon.(AY) and is a standard term. The term “adverse events” within clinical research, according to the ICH GCP, means any medically adverse event that occurs in a subject after administration of a drug (or intervention) [1].

The topic of side effects or so-called undesirable phenomena in the application of methods and methods of biofunctional medicine (BFM), in particular bioresonance therapy (BRT), is practically not covered. Turning to the past, I remember how Yu.V. Gotovsky, during one of the first seminars on BRT, announced: “And now we turn to the question of the side effects of BRT.” Listeners loudly and amicably rustled the sheets of notebooks, armed with pens. There was absolute silence.

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