Inhibition of the growth of tumor cells under exogenous bioresonance effects

Inhibition of the growth of tumor cells under exogenous bioresonance effects

AUTHORS : Osipova O.V. | Podchernyaeva R.Ya. | Melnichenko E.I. | Khizhnyakova T.M. | Mikhailova G.R.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Scientific and Methodological Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Center “Cultures of Health”, State Institute of Virology named after D.I.Ivanovsky, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 2002 | Category : Method of treatment

The widespread prevalence of rejuvenation prompts the search for prevention of these diseases. oncological diseases and their more effective methods of treatment and The aim of this work was to elucidate the direct effect of exogenous bioresonance oscillations on tumor cells. The study of the growth activity of tumor cells was carried out when exposed to them for exogenous bioresonance therapy “MINI-EXPERT-T” by “IMEDIS” (Moscow).

Three cell cultures were used as a model: human epidermal carcinoma of the human cervix (Hela), human lung carcinoma (A 549), and bone marrow cells of a patient with leukemia (L 41 m). The bioresonance effect on cells was carried out according to the Methodological Recommendations of Yu. Gotovsky and others (Moscow: IMEDIS, 2000). 3 series of experiments were carried out: In the 1st series, frequencies of 100 Hz (E12) plus 410 Hz (E184) (according to Rife and Ludwig) were used; In the 2nd series, the frequency is 22.5 Hz (E194) (according to P. Schmidt); In the 3-rd series – combined action at frequencies of 100 Hz plus 410 Hz plus 22.5 Hz.

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