Is bioresonance diagnostics and therapy scientific?

Is bioresonance diagnostics and therapy scientific?

AUTHORS : Scott-Morley E.

YEAR : 2002  | Category : Data

Training in bioresonance medicine poses many challenges for the doctor. In this article, I will not address the practical problems of learning to test. As responsible physicians, we must acknowledge that many questions arise. For example, we know that the diagnosis can be very accurate, but sometimes it happens that we cannot detect a known pathology. Why? We also know that our treatments can improve quickly, but sometimes we don’t get the results we want.

Moreover, some patients experience an improvement in their general health, but the original symptoms persist. There is also the question of how and why the system works. In this context, we need to address the issue of reproducibility of diagnostic and therapeutic results. This article answers some of these questions. I do not claim the accuracy of the answers and I am sure that any discussion is an impetus for the emergence of further questions.

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