Intestinal Acne

Intestinal Acne

AUTHORS : Yankova L.B.

YEAR : 2002 | Category : Educational

The male intestinal eel is 0.7 mm long and the female 2.2 mm. Intestinal acne is usually localized in the lungs, in the luberkin glands of the duodenum. It can penetrate into the pyloric mucosa of the stomach, the entire intestine, even into the gallbladder and pancreatic ducts. Infection occurs when the larvae are swallowed with contaminated particles of feces from sick people, with food, water, as well as when young helminths are introduced through the skin.

Acne migrates through the lungs, from there they move into the pharynx, are swallowed into the stomach and enter the intestines. Inside, intestinal autoinvasion occurs – the penetration of acne larvae from the intestine into the portal vein system, then into the pulmonary circulation. Infection can lead to the development of bronchopneumonia. This is known from the educational literature.

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