Some notes on the negative effects of allopathic drugs

Some notes on the negative effects of allopathic drugs

AUTHORS : Bravo O.S. | Dorokhina M.V.

YEAR : 2002 | Category : Educational

Currently, more and more women come to us with the problem of infertility. In our practice, a significant place is given to these conditions, which are successfully solved by the method of bioresonance therapy (BRT). However, one of our patients presented a big problem in terms of the totality of comorbidities. Example Patient S., 29 years old, suffers from obesity of the 2nd degree, ovarian dysfunction, menses 1-2 times a year, polycystic ovaries of both ovaries, uterine infantilism.

According to the conclusion of gynecologists, made against the background of studying the hormonal profile, pregnancy is unlikely. Treatment with medication for 4 years had no effect. During acupuncture diagnostics by the method of R. Voll, the low level of conductivity on the endocrine meridian attracted attention: – adrenal glands – sex glands – 28–30 srvc. units; – pineal gland – 34, also along the entire meridian of the kidneys, fatty degeneration, liver.

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