Complicated herpes simplex

Complicated herpes simplex

AUTHORS : Kolganov I.V.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Center for Bioresonance Medicine “Dana”, Voronezh, Russia
YEAR : 2002 | Category : Educational

Traditionally, it is believed that fever on the lips is a “harmless disease” that does not even go to the doctor. More often this is the lot of cosmetologists. Only in exceptional cases is a diagnosis of one form or another of herpes made. Among microorganisms, viral diseases (including HIV), especially in the last decade, come to one of the leading places. According to our statistics, herpes simplex virus (HSV) is tested in 74% of patients, herpes zoster virus (VZ) – in 28%, cytomegalovirus (CMV) – in 10%.

Moreover, of these: 64% are cases of chronic carriage (when testing Arsenicum album D200 ), 8% – cases of congenital Intox III intoxication. Often, resonance frequency therapy in areas of visible lesion did not give the desired results, or the effect was short-lived.

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