Symptoms and pathogenesis of drug addiction

Symptoms and pathogenesis of drug addiction

AUTHORS : Dykun N.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : LDC “Piramida”, Dubna, Ukraine
YEAR : 2002 | Category : Educational

A small experience in diagnostics and treatment of drug addicted patients (about 10 people) with “experience” from one to nine years, reports of colleagues at previous conferences and the growing interest in this problem, prompted us to share our own observations. Having previously analyzed the reports of colleagues at conferences of previous years on this topic, we drew attention to what is not given analysis (information channels).

In particular, in a report at the VI International Conference most damaged “Interested” meridians [Bravo O.S. and others // Collection of abstracts and reports, part I. – P. 135] the authors indicate that the treatment with individual BR-drug G-38-k reduces complaints of pain in bones, joints, muscles, which makes it possible to reduce the number of analgesics used ; behavior correction is easier to achieve feelings of mental stress, discomfort decrease, irritability, anxiety, aggressiveness, the mood is leveled.

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