Bioresonance technologies in music therapy. Bioinformatic drugs musical works

Bioresonance technologies in music therapy. Bioinformatic drugs musical works

AUTHORS : Kapkin N.Yu. | Petrov Yu.G.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Laboratory of medical information technologies of the Tambov Technical University, Tambov; Russia
YEAR : 2002  | Category : Data

Recently, due to the exacerbation of problems associated with the massive use of a large number of medications (harmful side effects, allergic reactions, immunity disorders) around the world, interest in the research and use of drug-free methods of treatment is sharply increasing. These include methods of treatment using works of art: music, paintings, specially selected audio and video programs. In the practical use of these methods, the main problem is the correct individual selection of the works used, which is possible only if there is an easily accessible and dynamic way to control the patient’s physiological reactions.

The solution of these problems may well be facilitated by the use of modern methods of bioinformatic medicine. About 40 years ago, the German doctor Reinhold Voll developed and applied an original method of diagnosis and treatment, which was later named after him, opening up new perspectives in bioinformatic medicine and biomedical research. The essence of the method is to combine, on the basis of the achievements of modern technology, the experience of ancient medical practices – reflexology and homeopathy.

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