Practical cases

Practical cases

AUTHORS : Butchenko N.M.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : LLC “Center for Energy Information Medicine”, Samara, Russia
YEAR : 2002 | Category : Case Study

1. Patient 3., 57 years old. I contacted TsEIM on November 21, 01 with complaints about recurrent pain in the stomach, severe belching – often at night. The vegetative resonance test (ART) tests: benign tumors of the stomach, duodenum, duodenal ulcer, fungal, parasitic, bacterial burden, fibrous stomach cancer (the latter is questionable).

The patient was sent for further examination:

1) FGS of 12/17/2001: reflux esophagitis, superficial gastritis antrum, duodenogastric reflux, bulbitis, submucosal formation of the 12-duodenal bulb (1.5 1 fibrin in the form of “semolina”;

2) a biopsy was taken from 12/19/2001: papillary adenoma with duodenitis, cm), plaque plots heterotropy Bunner’s glands, fibrosis stroma, superficial inflammation. Therapy:

 – a course of treatment with BRT (general and specific BR-drugs, selected through the optimal step in terms of adaptation reserves, organopreparations);

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