Individual Yearly Qi Circulation Rhythm

Individual Yearly Qi Circulation Rhythm

AUTHORS : Leo sharq

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : LLC “Mercury”, Togliatti, Russia
YEAR : 2002 | Category : Educational

one. Introduction. The purpose of this message is to inform a wide circle of doctors with an Individual Annual Rhythm (IGR) of Qi Circulation. IGR naturally follows from modern synthetic (East-West) astrology [1] and inherits the basic rules of personality-oriented astrology of the West and rhythmology of the East.

3. Brief explanations:

1) In terms of Western astrology, IGR is an individual dynamic the energetic pattern of the life of natal (querent, the owner of the horoscope) between solar revolutions. Monthly programs of the annual rhythm correspond to the elements of the Great Circle of Energy Circulation of Eastern rhythmology, and their change is set by the movement of the actual Sun according to the natal horoscope in the Shuttle System of Houses. This is the Yanskaya (explicit, external) component of the IGR.

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