The use of BRT in the treatment of helminthic invasion in children

The use of BRT in the treatment of helminthic invasion in children

AUTHORS : Uzakova I.A.

YEAR : 2002 | Category : Type of application

Currently, there are more and more works devoted to the problem of infection of the population with helminthic invasion, but both the diagnosis and treatment of this pathology still cause significant difficulties in the conditions of not only outpatient, but also inpatient care. Helminthiases – diseases caused by helminths are a complex system of interactions between two organisms – a parasite and a host. Population migration around the world makes it difficult to diagnose many pathological conditions, due to the fact that there is infection with viruses, bacteria, helminthic invasions, which are not typical for our regions, the clinical course of which is significantly distorted.

This greatly complicates their diagnosis and treatment. According to the WHO, up to 60% of the world’s population is infected with roundworms, the larvae of which damage organ cells along the migration routes, due to the allergic and toxic effects of the larvae, eosinophilic infiltrations of various localizations occur. In one organ or tissue there can be several types of helminths at different stages of their development.

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