Search for ways of rational antiviral therapy of chronic hepatitis

Search for ways of rational antiviral therapy of chronic hepatitis

AUTHORS : Semendyaeva M.E. | Gotovsky Yu.V. | Aleshina T.V. | Bakulina I.F. | Shahgildyan D.I. | Zhuravleva M.G.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Clinical hospital N 83 FU “Medbioekstrem”, Firm “Schering-Plow”, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 2002 | Category : Research

Modern achieved in the treatment of chronic viral liver diseases. hepatology characterized by serious successes, Numerous studies have shown that interferon-alpha is one of the main components of modern therapy for chronic viral hepatitis (CVH) B and C. The limited effectiveness of monotherapy is the basis for an intensive search for alternative treatment methods that can increase the frequency of persistent positive results.

A number of studies have shown the effectiveness of the combination of intron A with rebetol, which gives a synergistic effect and a higher frequency of persistent virological and morphological remissions (Blokhin N.P., 1998, 2000; Krel P.E., 2000; Semenenko T.A., 2000, Bisceglie et al., 2001; Davis, Rodrigue, 2001). Nevertheless, one should agree with the opinion of N.P.

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