Seven years of experience with the IMEDIS expert system

Seven years of experience with the IMEDIS expert system

AUTHORS : Kempe N.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Biosensor Research Group of the Ludwig Boltzmann Society, Liboch, Austria
YEAR : 2002 | Category : Educational

Introduction One of the greatest advances in cognition in the last century was the slow recognition by science of the fact that the management of living systems, their viability, their evolution is carried out according to the hierarchy INFORMATION ENERGY MATERIAL SUBSTANCE. And if the last two concepts are easily and usually perceived by us, the concept of information for humanity is very new, which has not yet finally entered our consciousness.

The entire development of biology and medicine was tied to material substance, and now, slowly but surely, humanity began to realize that such concepts of hermetic esoteric teachings as the subtle body, aura, chakras, vital energy, etc. are the most real, natural phenomena. and that they can be learned to touch, measure, and most importantly, with their help it becomes possible to both explain and control the vital processes of living organisms.

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