Stichopus Japonicus – the key to regeneration

Stichopus Japonicus – the key to regeneration

AUTHORS : Sobotovich S.L. 

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : LPC “Synergy”, Vladivostok, Russia
YEAR : 2002 | Category : Educational

Regeneration (from late Latin regeneratio – revival, renewal) in biology, restoration by the body of lost or damaged organs and tissues, as well as restoration of the whole organism from its part. Regeneration is observed in vivo and can also be induced experimentally. In medicine, physiological, reparative and pathological regeneration are distinguished.

In trauma and other pathological conditions that are accompanied by massive cell death, tissue restoration is carried out at the expense of reparative (restorative) R. If, in the process of reparative R., the lost part is replaced by an equivalent, specialized tissue, they speak of complete R., if non-specialized connective tissue grows at the site of the defect, – of incomplete R. (substitution, or healing by scarring ).

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