On the dynamics of dosage of drugs

On the dynamics of dosage of drugs

AUTHORS : Solomatin V.A. | Tikhomirov D.D.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Medical Center for High Technologies under the Association of the Union “Chernobyl”, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 2002 | Category : Educational

Everything is poison, everything is medicine only the dose is important.  ” Paracelsus “

Validity doses medicinal drug, appointed a particular patient significantly affects the effectiveness of treatment. This provision applies to almost any type of drug. Cardiologists are proud of the creation of cardiocycle monitoring, which allows for the optimal selection of the cardiovascular drug and its dose. Not all “cores” get into cardiac monitoring, especially since there are other industries where there is no monitoring, there is a tradition, experience – for adults 1 tablet three times a day, for children …

A separate story, when a patient has several diseases, and a medication is prescribed for each of them. The surrounding reality can add to those biologically active supplements recommended by both doctors and those proactively chosen by the patient himself (advertising does not allow him to live in peace without attracting some “miracle”). Among our patients, for example, there are people with disabilities due to radiation exposure of all three groups.

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