Some aspects of modern diagnosis of tuberculosis

Some aspects of modern diagnosis of tuberculosis

AUTHORS : Sheshukov P.F. | Gotovsky Yu.V.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : City hospital, Pokrov, Center “IMEDIS”, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 2002 | Category : Educational

The description of the picture of tuberculosis dates back to ancient times. Tuberculosis is a common disease, prevalent in all climates and affecting people of all races. With the discovery of the causative agent of tuberculosis by R. Koch in 1882, in the next century, medicine gave a complete morphological characteristic of the disease and studied in detail the mycobacterium that causes infection and the infectious process.

However, the issues of combating this dangerous disease have not been completely resolved and require the unremitting attention of doctors and society. Russia has accumulated vast experience in the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis, including in extremely unfavorable socio-economic conditions. So, what is Russian phthisiology entering the 21st century with? According to statistical indicators, Russia has been thrown back to the level of 1968-1969.

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