Variations on ART

Variations on ART

AUTHORS : Scott-Morley E.

YEAR : 2002 | Category : Educational

Some notes on the EAF Electroacupuncture according to R. Voll (EAF) is a diagnostic system that uses the measurement of the resistance / conductivity of many acupuncture points. The minimum number of points to be measured is 40 (KTI), and ideally many more points should be measured. These points should be measured not only before starting any treatment, but also after each step of the treatment to assess its effectiveness and determine the next step. This procedure is very time consuming and can be tiring for both the doctor and the patient.

We need to ask ourselves whether this is necessary and how accurate the information is. The relationship between measurement points and internal organs is reasonably accurate, but the physician must be careful about these relationships and diagnostic conclusions. For example, it often happens that most, and possibly all of the CTEs have pathological meanings. Very often the measured values are too high.

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