Bronchial asthma, ART and R. Voll’s method

Bronchial asthma, ART and R. Voll’s method

AUTHORS : Fadeev I.V. | Berezina E.N.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : PE LDTs “Bio-Fall”, Voronezh, Russia
YEAR : 2002 | Category : Method of treatment

.Simile semper parit simile. Like gives birth to like. (K. Linnaeus)

The diagnosis of bronchial asthma in our time is very common. Back in 1969 A.D. Ado and P.K. Bulatov gave the following definition: “Bronchial asthma is an independent, chronic, recurrent disease of an infectious or non-infectious (atopic) etiology, the obligatory pathogenetic mechanism of which is altered bronchial reactivity (sensitization), and the main clinical sign is an attack of suffocation due to bronchospasm, hypersecretion, mucosal edema. bronchus “.

Since bronchial asthma is considered as an independent nosological unit, it must be differentiated from diseases, a component of which is bronchospastic syndrome with the development of asthma (V.I. Makolkin). There are two main forms of bronchial asthma: infectious-allergic and non-infectious-allergic (atopic). Already from the definition it is clear that infections play a significant role in the development of this disease.

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