Forward to the future or back to the past

Forward to the future or back to the past

AUTHORS : Salnikova T.V.

YEAR : 2001 | Category : —

Classical acupuncture is a science that has come to us from time immemorial. People in ancient times knew little about the structure of the human body, about diseases of various organs, but even then Tibetan monks treated many diseases, and quite successfully with the help of acupuncture, moxibustion, massaging points located on the human body. How the combinations of points were selected: empirically or whether some supernatural information was really sent to the ancient healers, which laid the foundation for this teaching, where it came to us from, is not completely clear.

However, not all the secrets of Tibetan medicine are still unraveled, there are many books on the philosophy of Tibetan medicine, where recipes for combining puncturing points for various diseases are given. Doctors working in this field of medicine know that prescriptions are not always which are described in the books are a panacea – sometimes the effect is simply amazing, in some cases there are no changes, and there is also a sharp deterioration in the patient’s condition. Thus, what is needed is not a prescription, but an individual approach to each patient at a certain point in time.

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