Treatment of nodular euthyroid goiter by R. Voll’s method

Treatment of nodular euthyroid goiter by R. Voll’s method

AUTHORS : Dontsov E.S. | Kumantsova I.E.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Chertkovskaya CRH of the Rostov region, Rostov regional medical physical culture dispensary, Chertkovo village, Russia
YEAR : 2001 | Category : Method of treatment

Goiter is understood as a persistent enlargement of the thyroid gland due to the benign proliferation of its non-inflammatory tissues [1]. Clinically non-toxic nodular goiter is manifested by the presence of a nodule or several nodules in the area of the thyroid gland. In case of pressure of the knot on the surrounding tissues, specific complaints arise, depending on what the knot is pressing on. Most often, the trachea experiences pressure, less often the nerves and vessels of the neck and esophagus. When the neck is compressed, suffocation occurs, and heart failure is noted.

When deep veins are compressed, cyanosis of the face develops. Compression of the recurrent nerve leads to hoarseness and shortness of breath. When the esophagus is compressed, a violation of the act of swallowing occurs. In most cases, surgical treatment of nodular goiter is accepted [2]. In our work, we proceeded from the fact that the development of a nodular goiter is not a local process, but a manifestation of a violation of homeostasis. In this regard, treatment began after a thorough clarification of complaints, collection of a detailed history, examination of the patient, laboratory examination, ultrasound diagnostics and after the obligatory consultation of an endocrinologist. In all cases, surgical treatment was recommended to our patients in the general medical network.

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