Geopathogenic burdens in the practice of a family doctor

Geopathogenic burdens in the practice of a family doctor

AUTHORS : Ponaetov V.V.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : St. Petersburg, Russia
YEAR : 2001 | Category : Educational

The influence of geopathogenic zones (GPZ) on human health has long been known. It is especially important to study this problem in St. Petersburg, because our city is unique in its geological structure, which is determined by its location at the junction of the Baltic shield with the Russian platform. The territory of the city is “crossed” by systems of multidirectional faults, underground cavities, watercourses and channels of ancient rivers. Numerous GPZs identified based on dowsing survey data, confirmed by drilling data, often represent extended anomalies 2–3 km long and 40–200 m wide.

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