Some examples from everyday practice

Some examples from everyday practice

AUTHORS : Kolganov I.V.

YEAR : 2001 | Category : Case Study

I have been working on the hardware and software complex “IMEDIS-VOLL” in a commercial reception since 1996, which creates considerable organizational problems, but provides great opportunities for creative work, for the introduction of new methods of diagnosis and treatment offered by the Center “IMEDIS”. For the entire period up to 2000 inclusive, 1980 patients with various pathologies were treated.

This number does not include patients who came to the appointment once. Positive results with significant improvement were obtained in 45% of patients, with improvement – 50.6%, without improvement – 4.4%. And only 4 patients showed deterioration. As it turned out, this was a “breakdown” of the adaptation reserves, which occurred due to my inexperience (19997–1998). Table 1 shows data on some nosologies.

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