Treatment of chronic diseases with bioresonance therapy

Treatment of chronic diseases with bioresonance therapy

AUTHORS : Gotovsky Yu.V. | Ovsepyan A.A. | Gavrilenko N.Yu.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Center “IMEDIS”, Moscow, Russia; Yerevan, Armenia; Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia
YEAR : 2001 | Category : Educational

I have been doing bioresonance therapy (BRT) and diagnostics according to R. Voll since 1991; since 1998 I have been using the vegetative resonance test (ART), working on the hardware-software complex (AIC) “IMEDIS-FALL” (version 7.6); I use the Astromed program. During the last 6 months after upgrading the program to version 7.6 in September 2000, I have observed 30 patients with various chronic diseases.

At the first visit, complaints were most often made about various manifestations of an allergic nature, since my main specialty is an allergist. During the examination of these patients, the diagnosis and preparation of BR preparations were used in the modification of  Dr. Ovsepyan A.A.: – identification of burdensome loads, their removal with frequent drugs; – identification of pathogenetic blocks and their removal with the help of a BR preparation prepared from the meridian, at the frequencies of which this block was determined; – identification of Di1 and Di2 and determination against the background of their inversion of the frequencies of aggravating factors (viral, bacterial, mycotic, onco, etc.).

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