The method of passive (receptive) music psychotherapy

The method of passive (receptive) music psychotherapy

AUTHORS : Shushardzhan S.V.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : MAIM, Department of Music Therapy and Rehabilitation of the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 2001 | Category : Educational

Receptive music psychotherapy is a method of influencing music, the main task of which is to normalize the patient’s psychoemotional state, which differs in that the patient receives a music therapy session without actively participating in it. In the implementation of music psychotherapy, two methodological approaches prevail:dynamic and regulatory. Dynamicserves the purpose of emotional activation of the patient.

Regulatory aims at provoking affective-dynamic reactions, causing catharsis, spiritual cleansing. Logistics of the method A musical synthesizer is one of the necessary technical means that allows a specialist to use, during a session, virtually any of the known musical timbres, set the necessary tempos, rhythms, and use various arrangements.

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