Vibration technologies in bioresonance medicine

Clinical examples of the use of bioresonance therapy

AUTHORS : But Yu.S. | Litvinov A.K. | Sitnikov D.V. | Baranov D.G.

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Omsk Medical Academy, Technical University, Omsk, Russia
YEAR : 2000 | Category : Informative

The basic principle of bioresonance therapy, as you know, is the need to carefully isolate the pathological signal from the target organ and neutralize it by inversion. In this case, brass electrodes or magnetic inductors are mainly used, superimposed on the projection of the diseased organ, as well as pathological discharge. Moreover, the therapeutic effect directly depends on the selectivity of the pathological signal isolation and the maximum degree of its amplification without additional interference, distorting the main frequency characteristics of the “antidote”.

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Clinical examples of the use of bioresonance therapy
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