Clinical observations (studies of optimism)

Clinical observations (studies of optimism)

AUTHORS : Aleshina T.V. 

RELEVANT UNIVERSITIES : Clinical Hospital No. 83 of the Federal Office of Medical and Biological and extreme problems at the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia
YEAR : 2000 | Category : Clinical Observations

1. Patient 50 years old.

Chronic calculous cholecystitis. Clinically – paroxysmal course, without jaundice. Radiographically – in the projection of the gallbladder, a calculus 2 cm in diameter. Ultrasound – bend in the neck of the gallbladder, suspension in the body and bottom, calculus 2.2 cm in diameter. She is forced to temporarily abstain from the operation for family reasons (she is the guardian of 3 young children).

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